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By definition, a native plant is one that originated in an area, prior to settlers.  Many are perennials, meaning they will come back beautifully, year after year.  A plant that is native to your hardiness zone will need no extra fertilizer or pesticides. They conserve soil and water and provide food and shelter for wildlife.  They are more drought tolerant, more winter hardy and stand up well to insects and diseases. 

Many of our plants are native to Missouri, which is in the USDA Hardiness Zone 5.  This means that these plants can be successfully grown in any area that resides in Zone 5.

There are just a few things to remember to be successful with native plants:


First, choose the right plants for a particular growing conditions.  For example, our Rain Garden Selection has a number of plants that thrive in wetter conditions, but would do poorly in dry soil. We have nearly 200 species of natives, so we have something that will work in about every growing condition.

Second, select plants that naturally grow in distinct clumps.  This is a good way to keep plants from invading space occupied by other plants.

Third, if you are planning a hummingbird or butterfly area, be sure to add a small water source.  You will be amazed at the number of other fauna that will come visit your garden.

Lastly, you can mix and match native plants with other annuals and perennials, especially if you are just getting started in natives.  We have found that after a few years, your native garden will be so lush and full you really won’t need to add annuals to the mix.  Just sit back and enjoy.


What are Natives?

Three ways to get started:



Seeds, are a great way to get started with natives, especially if you have very large areas to naturalize. They also take the longest to produce results.  Many natives take two or three years to produce established, well-flowers plants, so be patient!

¨ We specialize in bulk wildflower seed, in both mixes and in individual species. 

¨ Custom seed cleaning of your seed is available upon request.

¨ Our best seed supplies are available during the fall and winter months, after harvest and cleaning. 

¨ Minimum amount for a seed order is $ 100.00


Plugs,are becoming a more popular way to start your native plantings, especially if you are landscaping a very large area. 

For those not familiar, plugs are “in-between” a seed and a 4-inch plant.  They are grown in a flat that has either 38 or 51 plants per tray and are easier to transport.

¨ We take plug orders all year and prefer to start shipping in April.  Most of our plugs require 12-16 weeks lead time.  No split flats, please.

¨ One picture tag or informational stick tag per plug tray is included.

¨ Additional picture tags are available at .12 each.


Plug orders of 5001 units and up will receive a

10% discount of the listed pricing.


Plants, are our most popular way of selling natives.  We offer three sizes:  Quarts (4-inch square pots), 1-Gallon and 3-Gallon containers.

Not all species are available in all sizes.

¨ We have a large inventory of finished plants in stock throughout the year. 

¨ The earlier your order is placed, the more assured you are to receive the plants ordered. 

¨ All quart sized plants include one picture tag or informational stick tag per pot, unless otherwise specified.

¨ Quarts come in flats of 10.  We can split flats into multiples of 5.

¨ If you don't see a size you want, call us.

¨ We do custom grow our natives and will work with you on any special project.